My name is Amissa Joel, based on Paris I started taking photographies 6 years ago.


At the beggining, I started taking pics using Nikon D80 on automatic mode. Then I’ve discover of a world that I did not know before. Hip hop, lover, and urban art… I let myself be carried by photography to finally create an alias that corresponds to what I aspire «TomoPhotograpics».



Through my photos, I want to show you a world which represents for me something that the man has lost. I take pictures on many different festivals, I realized several things that had disappeared and that continues every day of our lives


Sadness, bitterness, racism towards one’s neighbor, hatred, disgust and many other things to make room for love, peace, joy, the good humor that can bring a smile. For me it is the biggest essence of our life. A barrier-free border where everyone can finally be free to express his joy without being oppressed.


Urban art is also part of my daily life. I want to show the evolution of different countries through their cultures, their buildings, their roads, their habitants, their landscapes and especially urbanization.


It is a pleasure for me, I hope that my work will make you love this world, thank you very much.


Joel (Tomo)